Preparing for class

Please try to arrive to class on time or better yet 5-10 minutes early. We understand that sometimes this is not possible so if you do arrive late try to enter as quietly as possible. It is best to bring your own yoga mat (you can buy them at Target) but if you do not have one we can provide one free of charge. Wear comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive. We will be sitting, reclining, and standing during class so you’ll want to wear something that you can easily move around in. Basic work-out attire is fine and we work in bare feet or socks if you prefer.

Like with any physical exercise it is best not to eat right before class. Many yoga postures involves twisting and folding forward, and sometimes going upside down, so you want the digestive system to be as inactive as possible. Please try to avoid wearing heavy scents or perfume and do not chew gum during class. We focus on deep breathing and many people are sensitive to heavy scents and gum chewing interferes with your breathing.

Please turn off your cell phones or better yet leave them in your car! Relaxation is one of the best benefits of yoga so we don’t want the ringing of cell phones or phones buzzing on vibrate to interrupt this process.


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